Ch. Port. Gib. Diva Dam III de Diana Campo
April 2013 - November 2017
Yellow beautiful female with a lot of bone and very good structure that it make of her one perfect Labrador for the show rings. She was participated in national and international dog shows achieving excellent results such as BEST IN SHOW of Elvas 2015 and qualifying for the 2016 Crufts obtained after winning Champion of Gibraltar. Also, Diva was Beauty Show Champion of Portugal. In her career won a total amount of10 C.A.C.'s, 11 C.A.C.I.B.'s, 5 B.O.B., 2 Winner Group VIII & 1 B.I.S. Our memory forever be with Diva.

Carmin de Isondu
September 2003 - September 2016
Sensational yellow female of prodigious figure. Of an exceptional character, this female was an excellent dam. Carmin was one of our most important females in our kennel, providing great genetic line to Diana Campo Retrievers and a high level litters with Labradores of great beauty and champions like:

Ch. IB. Eng. Port. Rum. Melanie I de Diana Campo

Ch. Sp. Gib. Junior Ch. Ricky de Diana Campo

Melody Sun Diana Campo

After finishing their breeding stage and activity in our center, she spent the last 5 years was living together and sharing their lives with a family, with two cats and her partner Marcus (chocolate Labrador also from our kennel) lucky to be able to give much love and also receive it. Our memory forever be with Carmin.

Ch. IB Jordan de Diana Campo
March 2003 - February 2016
Nico is a beautiful chocolate labrador. Their magnify character and their imcomparable beauty, they make of the an exceptional assistant. It demonstrates this way it their title of International Beauty Champion. Both progenitors have obtained magnificent qualifications in exhibitions of beauty. Their mother is daughter of the first litter of Nura of the Pellousery, it confirms it that it is an excellent chocolate Labrador. Nico has overcome with success the Trialer test, being able to inscribe this way in the Work class of all the exhibitions of the FCI that it wants to participate. Goodbye Big Nico !!!

Tr. Heder de Diana Campo
September 2002 - February 2016
Bred at home, this dog inherits her beauty and passion for hunting from some of the best British lineage.It has the Field Trialer certificate. After 9 years with us, Heder had retired living in family in Huelva in her last years, enjoying a lovely life.

Ch. Int. Tr. Esp. FT.Tr. Braveur Urko at Diana Campo
April 2003 - July 2014
Urko was the Lab in our kennel that it had more training for the the competitions of Field Trial.It was an excellent field trial Labrador with a highest trainning level. Urko demonstrated it as Winner of the S.M. El Rey Retrievers' Cup in the years 2005, 2006 and 2007. Urko was National Champion by R.S.C.E and International Champion by FCI. In July 2014 we left, but brought to our kennel excellent hunting blood line that will endure with their offspring.

Ch. Sh. Esp. Gib. Junior Lux. Neutrón do Sol D´Arena at Diana Campo
February 2008 - January 2015
This yellow male highlights for his structure and very stylized figure, besides a perfect topline that made him a prodigious male. Nino was an excellent reproducer that has had several children competing in ring, like it endorses this way it having been rewarded as Best Sire in III Monographic of A.E.L.R. It ratified with his titles, JW Luxembourg, Spanish Champion, Gibraltar Champion and International Show Champion. In January 2015 he left us, but his memory lives in his descendants.

Ch. Sh. Eur'06. Esp. Gib. Port. Su. Helios de Diana Campo
September 2002 - July 2013
One of the house's jewels, it's International Show Champion, Europe '06, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal and Sweden Champion and it has a great palmares worthy of tod a champion. At the moment as adult dog it highlights for their strength and big worker, that they make him be an excellent sire. In their pedigree it has the best blood Rocheby, being their great-grandfather Rocheby Whisky Macand their father Khamse's Language Lesson, which has several champion descendants. On the part of Helios we can find that some of their children like the International Champion of Beauty Ch. IB. Sp. JW. Gib. Nes de Diana Campo that combines of form spectacular beauty and work and Romantic de Diana Campo, Spanish Champion that it is today per today one of our jewels, are excellent representatives of the genetics of reproduction of our sire Helios. Already some time ago it left us, but their legacy continues very present.

Ch. Esp. Romantic de Diana Campo
April 2005 - October 2012
This beautiful dog had the same beauty as their progenitors, it had a great character. Their father, Ch. Eur'06, Sp. Gbz. Port. Sw. Helios de Diana Campo it is without a doubt a great one value for this bitch. As consequence of their genetic Romantic had been proclaimed Champion from Spain of Beauty after obtaining C.A.C.'s that credit this way it. A jewel raised from puppy to became into a great champion that it left us in October 2012. It was an entire referent inside our breeding line and their memory will continue during decades.

Ch. Esp. Fussia de Diana Campo
November 2001 - June 2013
This treasure raised at home, was one of our jewels, that you can appreciate in the stupendous results of the exhibitions that it has been presented. Excellent female reproductive, it was a great female to raise litters of high genetic quality. It demostrates the title obtained as Spanish Champion. June 2013 it left us and in spite of their absence we still remember it with special affection.

Amora negra da Quinta do Morgado
January 2001 - March 2012
Amara was a Labrador that had been trained as dog of attendance for disabled person from their youth, having been totally trained in this aspect with inestimable collaboration of Raúl Lizana. Amara was able to develop specific exercises: to open doors, drawers, etc ...
To all this we added her excellent genetics, being daughter of the Portugal Champion Colinwood Cider and carrier of the chocolate gene.
We will always remember those magnificent exhibitions in those that Amara dazzled the assistants with their dexterity and abilities and they gave sense to the dedicated working hours.
We will miss their accomplice look and their inseparable company.

Rocheby Oakglen Shooting Star
July 2001 - June 2010
Alice was a bitch of origin of the English line of the famous kennel Rocheby that made of Alice a Labrador of big aptitudes for the dog shows. Their balanced character and calm it transformed it into a family bitch. Her contrasted blood line made that has some fantastic litters and that her puppies inherit her genetics of great quality.
Alice is unforgettable and she will be this way.

Khamse's Language Lesson
August 2000 - August 2008
Khamse's Language Lesson has died 08/08/08, with 8 years of age.
Roy has contributed us a great breeding line to our kennel, since it is without a doubt about the Labrador that but it has influenced in a positive way in Diana Campo Retrievers. Roy had multitude of litters, where it consolidated the Labrador's excellent structure as well as its qualities in the work, being demonstrated with its children:

Ch. Eur'06. Esp. Gib. Port. Su. Helios de Diana Campo
Ch. Esp. Melchor de Diana Campo
Ch. Esp. Remington de Diana Campo
Citrus Fruits de Diana Campo
Vip de Diana Campo
Ch. IB. Esp., Gib., Tr. Karmen de Diana Campo
Ch. IB. Tr. Geceli de Diana Campo

and grandfather from among others
Ch. IB. (p. h.) JW. Gib. Nes de Diana Campo o Romantic de Diana Campo.

In his curriculum Roy has:

4 C.A.C.'s
4 C.A.C.I.B.'s
2 R.C.A.C's
Best Reproducer Monographic A.E.L.R. 2006
Best Reproducer Monographic Retriever 2005

Among their descendant we can count with:

1 European Champion
2 International Champions
4 Champions of Spain
2 Champions of Gibraltar
1 Champion of Portugal
1 Champion of Sweden
3 Trialer

Diana Campo Retrievers wants to carry out one felt farewell and to give thank you to have been able to share last time with Roy that without a doubt has marked the history of our affix, and very possibly, the Labrador's future in Spain.
Never forget Roy !!!

Exclusive Line do Sol D´Arena
December 1999 - March 2008
Daughter of the first litter ofNura de la Pellousery (Ch. Sp., Port., Gib.) and with blood of the best lines of Rocheby, Polly confirmed that it was an excellent chocolate bitch, obtaining 2 C.A.C.' s in its participations in dog shows. Polly had a strong structure and great bone, Polly raised excellent litters with a sensational descendant, among which we can highlight in females to Tr. Jota de Diana Campo (Trialer) and in males to Jordan de Diana Campo that has stored 4 C.A.C. s and 2 C.A.C.I.B. Polly will always be in our memory like an excellent chocolate Labrador.

Fame do Sol D´Arena
December 2000 - May 2007
Noa was a chocolate bitch of excellent proportions. It was an excellent beauty show bitch. Her pedigree included Nura de la Rellousery, John-John de la Pellousery, Rocheby Navy Blue. A beautiful memory for a deluxe Labrador.

Tr. Jota de Diana Campo
March 2003 - October 2007
Jota was a bitch that has an exceptional character due to its genetics. Both progenitors are beauty show champions and very good field trial dogs. Great figure and line that made of Jota a spectacular female and multipurpose, as it demonstrates its Field Trial tittle. We will always have a special memory for those unforgettable days that we enjoy in their company.

Rocheby Mint Imperial
October 2001 - February 2007
A true champion winning in the show ring from an early age, confirming his excellent bloodline. A typical Labrador in character, balanced, willing to please and friendly. Mint was a real winner, son of champions. It was this way and we remember this way it.

Ham Wood do Sol D'Arena
March 2002 - August 2006
Son of Nura de la Pellousery (multichampion of Europe, Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar), Wood was a balanced Labrador with desires of pleasing and great capacity for the retrieval. This male black payee of chocolate gen, it followed the steps from his mother to level of beauty, standing out in the exhibitions of beauty wich ones it obtained 3 C.A.C. - 1 C.A.C.I.B. - 2 Best of Breed - 1 Winner Group VIII